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Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Challenge your quick reflexes with Doodle Jump, a highly addictive game featuring a cartoon-like character whose main quest is to jump as high as he can!

Take Multiple Leaps of Faith with Doodle Jump!

Ready, set, jump! Welcome to Doodle Jump, an insanely addictive casual game in which players have only one objective, which is to reach the highest place possible! Meet The Doodler, a four-legged creature that looks like it just came out of a child’s drawing, along with the monsters. The Doodler can do two things: hop up and down and shoot small pellets to defeat monsters on the way. Try your best to utilize his two skills and help him stay on platforms for as long as possible!

Doodle Jump features endless gameplay, so there is no definite goal waiting for the players at the top. Instead, the best way to enjoy this game is to set new high scores and challenge friends to see who has better skills!

How Doodle Jump Influences a Whole Gaming Genre

If you have been a long-time gamer, you may be familiar with the endless runner games that are fast-paced, simple, and highly addictive. While the genre appeared in the 1980s, it gained a large amount of popularity after the release of Doodle Jump. With simple controls, a simple premise with virtually no plot point, and a cast of cartoonish characters, the game quickly became a hit among players and gained a steady fanbase. It also launched a new era of endless runner games, during which games like Jetpack Joyride and Flappy Bird were released to the public.

Even now, endless runner games still attract millions of players and are one of the best ways to drive away boredom and pass time in a fun way! Best of all, you can access Doodle Jump on almost every platform, so you can experience the game yourself!


  • Fast and exciting gameplay! You won’t be able to stop once you start playing!
  • There’s no end goal; only jump as high as you can!
  • A cute character and monsters, accompanied by humorous sound effects!
  • Dodge or fight your enemies head-on (except for the black hole)!
  • Test out different types of power-ups!

How to play

To navigate The Doodler, use the left and right arrow keys to make him land on platforms. To defeat enemies, press the spacebar or the up arrow key to shoot straight up, or click at the screen with your mouse to shoot wherever you want. To pause the game, click on the “pause” icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

As you progress, you will discover different types of power-ups that enable you to advance. This includes springs, which are the most common ones to come across; propeller hats; and jetpacks. They all offer jumping boosts of varying strength, with the jetpacks traveling the farthest. In addition, there are also a variety of platforms, such as the brown ones that break upon contact or the blue moving platforms.

Since the game has no definite end, players have to start over whenever the Doodler misses a platform, plummets to the ground, collides with monsters, or gets sucked into black holes. Make sure to take down all the enemies you can, and always step on a platform!

Doodle Jump: Rules

  • The character has to land on a platform to avoid falling down.
  • The left and right sides of the screen wrap around each other, so the Doodler can move quickly between the two sides.
  • Whenever a platform gets out of the screen, it disappears, so the Doodler can’t descend.
  • The gaming session ends whenever the Doodle collides with a monster, falls off-screen, or touches a black hole. Otherwise, there is no definite end to the game.
  • Monsters can be defeated either by shooting pellets at them or jumping on their heads in Mario style.
  • There are power-ups scattered across platforms.

Tips and Tricks

  • Take your time to learn the controls of the character: While it is relatively simple to control the Doodler, it takes some time to fully be able to gauge his movements. At the beginning, there are tons of platforms for the character to step on, but as he ascends, it becomes increasingly harder to jump to the nearest platform. Don’t sweat if you accidentally let him fall off in a comical way, since accidents happen!
  • Watch for power-ups: As the main goal of every gaming session is to lead the Doodler to the highest place possible, don’t forget to utilize the power-ups you see along the way! Springs are the most common ones, and they bring the character to a certain height. Propeller hats and jetpacks are rarer, but they can carry you a long distance. Bonus point: try to land on three and five springs consecutively to unlock a special achievement!
  • Aim for the lower platforms when they become sparse: When you reach a certain height, there will be much fewer platforms to step on. If you are unsure whether the Doodler’s jump is high enough for a platform, it is best to choose the nearest one and ascend slowly. After all, the game loves to trick you into aiming for platforms that are just a little bit out of reach!
  • Shoot the monsters if you can, but always try to land on the platform: Sometimes, when you are too occupied with taking down the buzzing monsters, the Doodler may take a misstep and end the game session altogether! Don’t forget that you can just ignore the monsters or jump on their heads to defeat them.
  • Take a break whenever the game gets on your nerves: Doodle Jump looks cute and is fun to play, but it may not be that way anymore once you have made a few too many mistakes. Don’t forget that games are supposed to be fun, and your concentration is at its best when there is no frustration! Hence, to get the best score possible, you can take a little break, do something else, and come back later!

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